Array Polar | The Storage Table made of Recycled Hard Felt.
bud brand Award Winner. On sale here.
Exhibition: Milan Design Week 2022, Via Tortona 5 / June 7-12, 2022
Design: Junichi Ishigaki
Production: Nagae-Siki Co., Ltd.
Photo: Sota Kumagai
Styling, Photo Direction, Catalogue Design: Iori Doi Design
ArrayPolar is a storage table made of recycled PET felt.
Inspired by the freedom of the designer’s children who move chairs and desks from place to place and turning them into playgrounds everywhere.
ArrayPolar's light weight and soft surface can easily be arranged to suit any mood or occasion. It is also used as storage for roughly storing items scattered around the room before guests arrive.
The flexiblility of its use captures the imagination of the user. The structure, with its distinctive vertical lines, changes its look from different angles. It has an openness like Japanese furniture that divides the inside and outside ambiguously, but also has a solid presence like a stone in Japanese gardens. The appearance, which can be perceived as both Japanese and European, accentuates the space. Only felt mixed with recycled plastic bottles is used. No adhesive is required. Delivered flat-packed makes lowers transportation costs and reduces environmental impact.

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