Danna Dash Button| Device for Busy Couples
Exhibition: Tokyo Maker Fair 2018
Design: Junichi Ishigaki
Engineering: Tsukuru Lab
The "Device for Busy Couples" won the Grand Prix at the ROHM OPEN HACK CHALLENGE 2017, a contest utilizing ROHM's sensors and microcomputers. When the wife presses a button on a motif of necessary groceries or daily necessities, the husband is notified via a husband-shaped relay device to a keychain device he carries with him. Notification is made when the keychain approaches the house, so there is no chance of forgetting to buy something.
The housing containing the sensor and base is based on optical 3D printing, and the 8-color buttons are made with a Stratasys color 3D printer. The prototype was also made in a way that compresses the painting process.

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